Alamport and NiX Group announce a joint venture in Singapore

10th Sep 2021

The objective is to jointly develop and invest in rooftop solar system for commercial and industrial customers in Indonesia


Alamport Co., Ltd. (“Alamport”) and NiX New Energy Co., Ltd. (“NiX”), owned by NiX Co., Ltd., have established a joint ventured company in Singapore, named ALAM NIX RENEWABLES PTE LTD (“ANR”). The main objective is to jointly develop and invest in rooftop solar system for commercial and industrial customers in Indonesia and aim to invest in other type of renewable energy projects in Indonesia in near future.


Alamport has already entered into a rooftop solar business in Indonesia through the Indonesian entity called PT Alam Energy Indonesia (“AEI”) together with Shizen Energy Inc.. We have established the Indonesian company called PT ATW Alam Hijau with the Indonesian partner, ATW Group. With this cooperation, we have successfully entered into a definitive agreement with several customers for installing rooftop solar system with a total capacity of around 10 MWp. Alamport is going to transfer the AEI’s share to ANR and continue to develop and invest in rooftop solar system in Indonesia through ANR.


Alamport was founded with a purpose to promote and develop renewable energy projects primarily in Indonesia. We provide consulting & advisory services to potential investors and renewable energy developers. We also invest our capital to the renewable energy related companies, and we support the project with hands-on management. Through this partnership with NiX that has a strong presence in Hokuriku region, in the northwestern part of Japan, we can strengthen our funding capability and accelerate our investment activities in rooftop solar system in Indonesia. The combination of technical expertise from NiX and execution capability from Alamport enables us to further develop renewable energy projects in Indonesia.


NiX aims to resolve social issues related to infrastructure management and improvement by providing engineering services and developing renewable energy such as hydro power generations. NiX has 3 operating hydro power plants in Japan and currently under development 1 project each in Japan and Indonesia. With this opportunity together with Alamport, NiX not only jointly invests in rooftop solar system in Indonesia but also accelerates the development of renewable energy in Indonesia by introducing the combination of Alamport that has management capability and NiX that has technical expertise with well experienced know-how based on their Indonesian office.


provides engineering services and develops renewable energy



Establishment date 7th August, 2021
Registered address 160 Robinson Road, #14-04 Singapore Business Federation Centre, Singapore 068914
Initial paid-up capital USD 100,000

※We are going to increase the share capital USD 4million within this year

Directors Fumito Kotani, Representative Director of Alamport

Soichiro Nishimori, Director of Alamport

Tomoaki Ichimori, Representative Director of Nix

Wataru Yoshio, Director of Nix



[About Alamport Inc.]

Founded in March 2015. Alamport is engaged in business development, investment, consulting and advisory services to achieve the promotion of renewable energy projects that are closely aligned with local needs. The company is involved in a wide range of renewable energy projects using local natural resources effectively, including solar, hydro, biomass, and biogas.



[About NiX Co., Ltd]

Founded in April 1979. NiX Co., Ltd primary provides engineering services and develops renewable energy generations both in Japan and overseas with 15 group companies to operate business activities. Especially in Indonesia, NiX Co., Ltd has established a fully owned subsidiary of Indonesian engineering company and 2 on-going hydro power generations under development and construction and continue to expand the business in Indonesia.



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