Alamport Supported Business Case Competitions Held by Bandung Institute of Technology (“ITB”) and University of Indonesia (“UI”)

9th Mar 2023


Alamport Inc. (“Alamport”) supported the business case competitions.

Our member, Jessica Rolindrawan, acted as the business case contributor and one of the judges in the Indonesia Chemical Engineering Challenge (“IChEC 2023”) held by Chemical Engineering Students Associations in ITB with the theme of “Advancing the Growth of Green Process in Pursuit of Circular Economy and Net Zero Emission” with the main event on 25th February 2023.


Also, our member, Gayo Allaam Alfani, acted as one of the judges of the semifinal round of the business case competition on 28th February 2023 by Indonesia Accounting Fair (“IAF 24”) held by Faculty of Economics and Business, UI with the theme of “Approaching Net Zero: Counteracting Climate Change to Enforce an Imperishable Impact”.


Alamport was founded with a purpose to promote renewable energy projects primarily in Indonesia. We provide consulting & advisory services to potential investors and renewable energy developers. We also invest our capital to the renewable energy related companies, and we support the project with hands-if and hands-on management.

This time, Alamport is proud to announce the successful contribution to the universities and its students and, and we would like to thank Chemical Engineering Department ITB and Faculty of Economics and Business UI for the invitation to such wonderful educational events.